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Link2SD is the best way to free your Android Phone's Internal Memory by moving apps on the micro SD card.

As modern technology advances, new apps are being created while existing ones add more features and functions. However modern mobile phones are not keeping up with this trend in terms of memory requirements. Thankfully most android devices allow the user to expand the available storage, but the problem remains as Google does not allow users to install apps or move app data to the micro sd card confusing users even more. This is where really clever apps like Link2SD intervene in order to provide more flexibility to the users while increasing their phone’s efficiency and overall performance. Link2SD is an extremely useful tool for modern tech users because it allows them to move their installed applications to the micro SD card in order to free up the main memory’s available space.

Link2SD program

Link2SD App Overview

What makes this application desirable is the fact that users can move everything they want from apps and their data to any type of file to the phone’s micro SD card. This app is used as an application manager and features a clean and very easy to use interface. There are two main ways of freeing internal memory space: moving entire apps on the external memory card or creating app links. Users can view all of their apps on the home screen as well as information about memory usage of every individual app. They can select a single app or a group of apps while using the Actions tab in order to see their available options.

The app also has the option to automatically link all newly installed apps. Just like Freedom, the Link2SD app also offers options to freeze, unfreeze, uninstall, clear cache and clear data inside the app. Furthermore, it notifies the user when a movable app is installed and when the total cache size is higher than normal.

Link2SD app options

Another useful feature is that one can select the default install location for every new app. Users have to be aware that in order to begin taking advantage of this app’s features they have to root their android device. Last but not least one has to also create two separate memory partitions ( one of them has to be a FAT partition ) on the SD card using a free partition app from the google play store. The procedure of doing this is quite straightforward and one can find easily all the available information on the web.

Overall this app not only clears available space, but also makes use of its wide variety of added features to increase the phone’s speed and boost its performance. It can also be extremely effective for older mobile phones.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Offers a wide variety of functions and features.
  • Boosts up the phone’s performance.
  • Ability to access any file or app and move it to an external memory source.
  • It is free to download.
  • It supports more than 40 languages.


  • User’s phone must be rooted.
  • The user has to create a second memory partition by himself.

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